The Wanderer

Improvisation theatre

In 1987, Toon Maas created his clown character ‘The Wanderer’: ‘…..he once left, but he never arrived, always on his way with his theatre of all ages and all places and always on the biggest stage ever: the street’. After over a quarter of a century and more than two thousand shows in more than twenty countries, ‘the Wanderer’ has returned. On his journey, he shed his mask, ditched all ballast, and returned to the essence of theatre with just a few belongings. Only a small suitcase and a rucksack have survived the evolution. They enable the drum roll and the music to be heard, the illusion and the magic to be conjured up. He performs at fixed venues or on the move, in burlesque style or intimate, rehearsed, yet still off the cuff: whatever matches the moment for the old clown and the street.


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