We are Dini van Griensven, at the front in the photo and in the background, and Toon Maas, and we make street theatre. Dini is responsible for design and images, costumes, puppets and the office, so that Toon only has to act.

We have been living, travelling and acting – it is hardly ever work! – all over Europe with our street theatre, from our home base in the south of the Netherlands for over 30 years. This website will give you an idea of our performances, as well as of the impressions we have gathered during our travels. These include impressions of beauty we have admired or wondrous events which have astonished us, presented through Toon's stories and Dini's images: photographed or painted, embroidered or filmed.

And we'll also show you how we’ve cooperated with others: by directing fellow performers or designing for them:
- in a Shakespeare play, played by clowns without text,
- or in a clown show on a text by Beckett.Anything is possible!

Please feel free to react: dini@toonmaas.com

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